31 March – Matto Frank – cd release

Matto Frank is Frank Schouten (a.k.a. Hakki Takki): keyboard, mic, cool edit, sampling, software, fx, improvising. In February 2009, Matto Frank travelled through China. He recorded sounds with a zoom recorder with a faltering microphone. What immediately struck him was the huge presence of pop music and other synthetic sound in public space.  “It seems in China they enjoy it to play it as loud as possible. Music is distorted from the boxes. In combination with microphones it creates sometimes huge feedback, but nobody seems to be fascinated by this.” He decided  to capture the noise around him ” so raw and blunt as possible”. These recordings on” China” he mixes his own work, ambient tracks that create rest areas inbetween the hectic Chinese soundscapes.

‘ China” is a quirky trip through China after the Olympics of 2008, remains are still to be heard of all sorts of new hospitality of the once closed communist country: conversations with curious people who pass by, exuberant welcome hymns of copied western popmusic. China is a country in rapid change. Matto Frank documenting the change and let his thoughts occasionally stray towards calmer waters.

Previews of ‘China’ : http://narrominded.bandcamp.com/album/china

Location cd release: Vlam/Oostzee, Laing’s Nekstraat 44, Amsterdam-Oost from 16:00 – 21:00, Saturday 31st. March


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