bRAIN mASTRUBOMBA – GIG – De Ruimte (A´dam-Noord)

11111111Psychedelic Improv Story Music Night1111111111111

Amazing band from Cyprus/Greece living all over the globe. Improvisation, weeeird, trance, psychedelica.

Situation improvisation spaced story group with:
Dr Snoodaard (Raaskalbomfukkers)
Frank Vis (Vocal&FX, SOTU)
MC Chanceless (Actor, poet)

^^^^() dJ dATNAPOKU
Mister Occii with rare moods from all over the place.

MAD JAZZ NOISE – GIG – Vondelbunker

Wednesday 11 June 22:00, Vondelbunker, Vondelpark 8, Amsterdam
Inside the Vondelparkbrug (tram lines 3 and 12 run over it)

A night with improvised music and noise played by the most cutting edge musicians around.

The music of Swiss composer, saxophonist and sound artist Antoine Chessex straddles the worlds of noise, free jazz, and modern classical composition. Inspired by the mathematics of physical spaces, Chessex’s compositions and improvisations often incorporate heavy electroacoustic manipulations, guitar pedals and layers of sound so dense as to become deafening fields of white noise. In other instances, quiet tonal clusters, microtones and drones are used to construct uneasy, hypnotic states in which texture and held tones take precedence over more traditional elements of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

George Louis Hadow: drums, Ada Rave: sax
We had scheduled a drummer’s duet of George with Onno Govaert, but very unfortunately Onno cut his finger and can’t play for a couple of days. Don’t worry, he’ll heal fast! AND I’m very happy that Ada Rave (Argentina) will play with George!

Kenzo Kusuda: dance, Jasper Stadhouders: guitar
Kenzo (JP) and Jasper’s debut as a duet.

Spinning records before, in between and after the sets. Frank Kobeen a.k.a. Frank Vis a.k.a. Frank Schouten is the mastermind behind the SOTU Festival…


5, 9t/m 12 May – SOTU Festival (Sounds OF The Underground)

The SOTU (Sounds Of The Underground) is a five day festival in Amsterdam, which is happening 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 May 2013 in a collaboration between venues OCCII, OT301 and Vondelbunker. On the 5th of May we collaborate with the Doek Festival on a night in the Vondelbunker. In 2012 we celebrated a succesfull first edition with around 90 acts and performances over 4 locations. The festival concentrates on alternative and independent music culture with noise, indie rock, psychedelia, avant-garde, bass music, improv jazz and underground dance. Also included within the program are documentaries, workshops, art and performances. This second edition is realized thanks to the dedication and contributions from 25 organizations, collectives and curators.

29 April – Kriterion Filmtheater – Scepterion













21:45 – 22:30 Gingermoon (some easy listening weird/worldish music as a smooth intro for band)

22:30 – 23:00 HARDELIEFDE   ( band that kriterion arranged, melo-ish)

23:00 – 00:30 2 Many Germanz
Two guys, with a beard and 70’s glasses, who look like they have run away from a punkband. Both serious vinylfreaks, they live between piles and boxes full of records and carefully select their infamous lederhosen techno, detroit stuff and steamy tracks you have never heard before. (= Signograph & Lazer)

00:30 – 01:30  Reefteef  (a.k.a Tamara van der Laarse, electronic mistress who will play a sleazy new beat for this special occasion. Also she hosts elecronic psychedelic events with Club Lederhosen)

1:30 – 02:00 Gameboys A Gogo  The infamous gamboy man, renown for blasting the crowd and pumping up the atmosphere into a good old rave. (he is also Boris Scorpio, his modular synth alter-ego.)

02:00 – 03:00 Mataklap (Dancefloor wildlife, hit-and-run parties, feral electronics, untamed audio, fine-tuned lo-fi, worldwide wobble, migratory riddims, uprooted bass, nomad soundsystems, concrete jungles, organic metropoles, hightech squats, lowlife glamour.)

03:00 – 04:00 HANDLESS DJ (High Needs Low / Brussels)
Handless dj is host and resident from High Needs Low collective, Brussels. Heavy record collector he likes to push the boundaries of a set, playing on colours and drama. Might be house, techno, dub, he enjoys bringing his listeners in some places they don’t expect to catch them back on a groovy 303 flavored vibe. No wannabe beatport carrier, just sheer fun, the way it should be.

VJ’s during the night: Hakki Takki DVD/VHS-show and Deer In Headlights

Scepterion / Monday 29th. Apriol / Kriterion / Roeterstraat 170 / Amsterdam / tickets 10.- (available at the Kriterion, every day one hour before a movie starts. On the 29th only 50 tickets will be left for sale at the door)

20 april – SOTU Fundraiser – Vondelbunker


In the Vondelpark, under the  bridge, the last fundraiser for SOTU Festival (Sounds OF The Underground) With local knob twisters and dj’s, and a band raising money for Amsterdam’s biggest DIT festival, next month.

20:00 Gonzo Toby
20:45 Dj Nico Stephou
21:30 Aux Pulse
22:00 Trotyl
22:30 Twin Shades
23:00 Breek
23:30 Afrobot
24:00 DC20
00:30 Reefteef

8 March – OT301 – SOTU Benefit Night



SOTU Festival is working on their second edition of this charming DIY festival, for the second edition of the Sounds Of The Underground/ Sotu Festival, that will take place on 9,10,11 and 12 May 2013! To get a sneak preview of these underground sounds, they throw a benefit night 8th march in the Overtoom 301. With a fine selection of local underground musicians, bands and dj’s:
Dagora & Arvind Ganga on guitar (Free Music/ Toztizok)
Gerri Jäger (Drums&FX/ Solo)
White Slice (Hardcore Punk/ Red Light Radio)
Sleek Mink (Techno/ DK)
Dj Ankle Flannel (Rushhour)
DJ Selektor Depender (Bass Culture)
DJ Mataklap (SOTU)

11 Jan – The No track released on Mind The Gap#100

The No has created a monster and it’s out now, released exclusively on Gonzo Circus’ Mind The Gap #100. Produced by our favourite audiofreak Salvador Breed! (thankyouthankyou!)

16 Jan Club Lederhosen New Beat edition

Club lederhosen Electro De Merde’s edition is celebrating the glorious sounds from the new beat era with and some new wave and a dosis of psychedelic dance. Lets’s rrrrrrock to the beat!

Boris Scorpio (NL) A.k.a Gameboys a Gogo who is usually armed with his gameboy gear or modular synthesizer, but this time he will be spinning his precious collection of 7-inch new beats.

Dionysius (NL) has been spinning electro and 80’s music as a resident on parties such as Electronation, We love 80’s [Paradiso], After 80s [Patronaat] and Inrichting [Silo/Kalenderpanden/OT301].

Wiertz (NL) & Lederhosen dj’s Reefteef (NL) & Lazer (DE)

16 Jan / Sugar Factory Foyer / Lijnbaansgracht 238 /Amsterdam / 23:00 – 04:00 / €3.-

23 Nov. – Noise Demo – Op De Valreep (Polderweg, Amsterdam Oost)

Our last venue, The Bunker at the NDSM canceled the night. Because “local goverment” did not agree with the content of the night, FUCK THAT!!!! It is censorship on cultural activities, FUCK THAT!!!! I called the people from “Op De Valreep” and told them the story. They where so kind to give us a space to do this night. Come all over to the Op De Valreep for our Noise Demo! It is going to be a great night.

!!noise demo!!

With: Seal of Quality, 8bit-rock act from France, Our international guest from Indonesia play amazing noiserock in there own style and Dj Urine Trio “Gomorrah” will improvise crazy rolling weirdness. tunes from DJ’s Charlie Lownoise and Dr. Snoodaard. Frankie Vis and Boris Scorpio in the Spaghetti Flight will play modulair noise disco.

Senyawa (Yokyakarta/ Indonesia)
Rully Shabara (vocals) & Wukir Suryadi (strings)
Indonesian duo Senyawa creates a breathtaking world of sound with just one voice and a strip of bamboo (the bambuwukir).

Dj Urine Trio “Gomorrah” (FR)
Gomorrah : Dj Urine (turntables), Nicolas Paule (saxophon) & Arthur Narcy (drums)

Seal of Quality (FR)
I started making music under the name seal of quality in late 2006. The tracks I make are some kind of ode to the mighty god Vocoder I dedicated my life to. My plan is to conquer the known universe with sharpened harmonies and deadly rhythms – in a nice way.”

Frankie Vis & Boris Scorpio(HOL)
Mad vocals

Dj’s Snoodaard & Charlie Lownoise

17 Nov – Wevie Stonder – Occii

The legendary absurdist band/music collective “Wevie Stonder” is coming to Amsterdam and SOTU is hosting the night. Get ready for a crazy show with ground rolling, flying fish, butt artwork/plugs, tango dancing and much more weirdness.

Wevie Stonder
Irresistibly wonky sonic surrealism from the sources of the collective unconscious. Public participation, movies, wigs and grouphugs are sometimes part of the set. Erratic “left field” electronics, with a deeper and stranger plundering of the anarchist tradition of inspired madness with bizarre pieces of musical kitsch. Musical clichés and chaotic soundscapes are welded together and supported by toy pianos and broken trombones and rubber bands.

“This is exactly the sort of underground “left field” company that keeps me going in times of pop shite overload” (Rob Da Bank BBC Radio 1. )

Dj’s Sah Selektor, Boris Scorpio and Hakki Takki (Birthday Boy)

OCCII / Amstelveenseweg 134 /21:30 / €7.-