SOTU Show / 6 June

Spat Lembo is a duo formed by Filippo Gillono and Paolo Possidente on guitars and percussions. Their research condenses around the concept of loss of control as a practice of improvisation.
Zeynep Burça Oral, stage name Burchhhha, is a multidisciplinary performance and sound artist. Her practice often aims to center the audience in an uncomfortable space, which pushes them to become an active participant rather than passively taking in the experience. She works with storytelling in order to explore absurdity and chaos. When she isn’t making art, she enjoys making noise, harsh harsh noise.
Zwarte Hond
Zwarte Hond started out in mid 2019 as a noise/soundscape/misc. project by L.M. Wiltens.
Schoco Mune
schoco mune is a sound, noise and experimental music artist based in Amsterdam. Her performances use several contact microphones to capture human body movements and amplify emotional flow. Using feedback and the effector boxes, several layers of sounds slowly pile up that start breaking themselves and reacting internally.
The Kuntharen
Dr. Snoodaard playing keyboard and electronic drums, vocals by MC Chanceless. Electronic dutch band folklore.

Thursday, 6th of June.
Doors: 20:00 Show: 20:30
6/10 euro entrance.
Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 15, Amsterdam Noord
Parking at Leeuwarderweg 86
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23 May -Vondelbunker

Noise at ruigoord is een open air and a lot of noise in the countryside of Amsterdam, in the wonderful village called Ruigoord! A gathering aiming to create an environment of co-existence between different parties and performers coming from different realities which might not cross each other in predefined scenes, meeting and giving possibilities to unexpected ad hoc scenarios in an (un)controlled environment.
Happening at the beginning of September, If you are willing to participate, or want more information, please get in touch, more info soon.

SOTU Festival 2024
9 – 14 April, Six Days – Six Venues – Amsterdam

Antonio Valente – Boris Loves Gameboys – Chrobotek – Desert Drone -FCKN’BSTRDS – I M M – Innen – Jeroen Florie – Môgô – NOISE is Serious Shit.: Jogja Noise Bombing Documentary – Royal Spaceporn – Sapient Paradox – shortest job first – Simona Armenise – Tatie PETANOL – Vomitscraper – Wārheād – World Wide Living Death – Zara Paz. TBA

Noise In Acu


Dj Hakki Takki (Techno/Speedcore), Jouk (live modular space techno), Dj One-s, BAHK (pedal-modular-noise), Dj Chin (Jungle), Boris Loves Gameboys (Gameboy-compact-modular-ravemachine)

After some research and building we are proud to present to you BakkieOne Soundsystem! It’s a fully battery powered system with two Cubo bass cabinets, a kick and stereo Fuckion One.We invited dj’s that play a variety of tunes like jungle, breakcore, techno and cumbia. The three
live acts will play on mostly modular setup’s to let you into our wall of fresh bass heavy sound! Come and join us at De Tanker In Noord.

FROM 20:00 TILL 01:00


16 July at Roze Tanker

Borderline Festival, 28, 29 July 2023