Cybine Combinations – Devir

Last year Marcio Gibson & Frank Schouten formed a duo under the name Cybine Combinations. To promote there upcoming tour they meet up in Amsterdam and Paris to record this release. Welcome to an improvisation with Marcio on drums and Frank on modular synthesizer exploring sonic ways descibed as “Devir” (Portugese).”

Split Tape – V.A.

Side A: silvan schmid – trumpet, feedback. schoco mune – piano, feedback, stompbox.
Side B: alessio giuliani & maria carlas & mylo cywitz

The Flying Fish (Instrument) – V.A.

The Flying Fish is a trumpet instrument/interface build to control your eurorack modular synthesizer. More info:

[16] Maria Carlas & Mylo Cywitz – 31337

Maria Carlas & Mylo Cywitz have teamed up to produce a cassette for Plattegrond Records entitled: ‘31337’, due for release this saturday (7th of April) during our show at Poortgebouw Rotterdam (feel free to drop by). We will also play in Porto, Portugal on the 5th of May. If you want to book us later this year, let us know.
We put some of the songs online:
Carla Genchi: vocals, keyboards,
Mylo Cywitz: programming, vocals,
keyboards, xylophone, chinese bells
Artwork by C. Genchi
Design by M. Cywitz
Tapes Avalable at Occii, Amsterdam

[15] F(luisteRFloDDErS

Eerste editie van FluisterFlodders! Het is gelijk mijn (Lennart’s) inwijding van mijn huis en tevens de eerste keer dat er een ambient evenement is onder de noemer FluisterFlodders. Zondag 15 Mei 2016 van 14;00 tot 21:00. CAT: PG017.

[14] Boris Scorpio & Frank Vis – Cypercunt

Artwork by Peter Bolhaar.

This tape is a 40 min cut from a recording made at the wasmachine show in the DFM RTV INT Studio, Broadcasted live on the internet ( Boris Scorpio (Hein Verhoeven) is playing on his modular synthesizer and Frank Vis (Frank Schouten) is doing the vocals with fx. The improvisation was for two hours.

released September 14, 2017

[13] BSE AT RADIO PATAPOE – Havan Hees, Frank Vis, Charis Konstantinou

Recording from the weekly noise show BSE at Radio Patapoe. 2017. Tape available at Occii, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam
released September 13, 2017

[12] Boris Scorpio – Bahk – Frank Vis – Rijmen Op Een Roes

A “roes” is a sleepy feeling you can get. There is a relaxed feeling present for the sense of intoxication and pleasure at an exciting event of a rhyme.
released November 4, 2015

[11] Halvis – Zombie Hol *TAPE

On the 1st of Oktober 2014 four zombies played 4 hours of truly furious and highly inventive symphonic noise. Bandmembers: Frank Vis on Vocals and Keys, H.A. van Hees on Feedback, Hellash on Guitar, Seerp on projections and bleep.

[10] Halvis – Fluitconcert *TAPE

Fluitconcert is the first tape from the Amsterdam duo Halvis. The tape contains two live recordings from the BSE Studio in Amsterdam (Overtoom301). They create, as they call it, `symphonic noise music`. Halvis consists of: Frank Vis: harmonica, electronics; H.A. van Hees: Feedback.



((Trippy)). Improvisation Duo – Frank Vis (Vocals, FX) and Stephen Doyle (Drums, Vocal). Artwork by Maia Matches.

[8] BSE by HASE

[8] BSE by HASE

((Feedback)). Recording from the BSE show on Radio Patapoe, every teusday 23:00 till …

[7] PQ, Roro & Frankie Vis – Fortunate Wheel

[7] PQ, Roro & Frankie Vis – Fortunate Wheel

((Dutch Fantasy)). Live Recording with Luc van Weelden (keys,own gear), Rogier Smal (drum), Frank Schouten (Vocal FX)

[6] Gameboys a gogo & PQ – Tape

P006 klein

((8-Bit/Noise)). Hein Verhoeven (Gameboy, Mod Synth), Luc van Weelden (Circuit Bend- Atari).___________________________

[5] DC20 – Mokum Bloody Beats


((Techno-Electro)). Producers Duo feat. MC Mattie Dope Yo. Amsterdam Style Pompen.

[4] Hakki and BAHK Get Sophisticated

P002 klein

((Cinematic)). Compilation of homemade music by Bouk Bouwmeester and Frank Schouten__________________________________

[3] Nieuwbouw – V.a.

P003 klein

((IDM,Electro,Break)). Compilation of various artist in and around Amsterdam________________________

[2] Huisvredebreuk Nr. 1

P002 klein

((IDM, Techno)). Compilation of various artist in and around Amsterdam._____________________________________________

[1] Hakki Takki – Kelder Sessies

P001 klein

((Elektro)). Frank Schouten