21 – April – Sotu Benefit Dance Night


Fundraising event for new festival in Amsterdam. Saturday 21st April, OCCII

Garcon Taupe: electro sound of the 1980s, injecting by some acid, 8-bit and disco in the mix.

ΜΝπΛìΝ Ðεω (PQ&MÛRZÙM) noise is different on the mountain…..

Laser Poodle: Psycedelic house improvisation duo

Mataklap mashes music from the global ghetto diaspora, this time diving butt-deep in the faster end of the spectrum with a back-to-basics footwork, juke and ghettotech set.

DJ Gonzo Toby (Lemon/Bomb Diggy) Spins a variety of Rave, Mad-rock, Acid and Worldbass

Reefteef, electronic leather lederhosen dance hits

€5 Doors open 21:30 –
Benefit for Sotu Festival (11,12,13 May)

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