23 Nov. – Noise Demo – Op De Valreep (Polderweg, Amsterdam Oost)

Our last venue, The Bunker at the NDSM canceled the night. Because “local goverment” did not agree with the content of the night, FUCK THAT!!!! It is censorship on cultural activities, FUCK THAT!!!! I called the people from “Op De Valreep” and told them the story. They where so kind to give us a space to do this night. Come all over to the Op De Valreep for our Noise Demo! It is going to be a great night.

!!noise demo!!

With: Seal of Quality, 8bit-rock act from France, Our international guest from Indonesia play amazing noiserock in there own style and Dj Urine Trio “Gomorrah” will improvise crazy rolling weirdness. tunes from DJ’s Charlie Lownoise and Dr. Snoodaard. Frankie Vis and Boris Scorpio in the Spaghetti Flight will play modulair noise disco.

Senyawa (Yokyakarta/ Indonesia)
Rully Shabara (vocals) & Wukir Suryadi (strings)
Indonesian duo Senyawa creates a breathtaking world of sound with just one voice and a strip of bamboo (the bambuwukir).

Dj Urine Trio “Gomorrah” (FR)
Gomorrah : Dj Urine (turntables), Nicolas Paule (saxophon) & Arthur Narcy (drums)

Seal of Quality (FR)
I started making music under the name seal of quality in late 2006. The tracks I make are some kind of ode to the mighty god Vocoder I dedicated my life to. My plan is to conquer the known universe with sharpened harmonies and deadly rhythms – in a nice way.”

Frankie Vis & Boris Scorpio(HOL)
Mad vocals

Dj’s Snoodaard & Charlie Lownoise

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