17 Nov – Wevie Stonder – Occii

The legendary absurdist band/music collective “Wevie Stonder” is coming to Amsterdam and SOTU is hosting the night. Get ready for a crazy show with ground rolling, flying fish, butt artwork/plugs, tango dancing and much more weirdness.

Wevie Stonder
Irresistibly wonky sonic surrealism from the sources of the collective unconscious. Public participation, movies, wigs and grouphugs are sometimes part of the set. Erratic “left field” electronics, with a deeper and stranger plundering of the anarchist tradition of inspired madness with bizarre pieces of musical kitsch. Musical clichés and chaotic soundscapes are welded together and supported by toy pianos and broken trombones and rubber bands.

“This is exactly the sort of underground “left field” company that keeps me going in times of pop shite overload” (Rob Da Bank BBC Radio 1. )

Dj’s Sah Selektor, Boris Scorpio and Hakki Takki (Birthday Boy)

OCCII / Amstelveenseweg 134 /21:30 / €7.-



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