`Click` and see the pictures of our collective, by Lutz Baumann:

Hakki Takki / Reefteef / BAHK / Lazer / Gameboys a Gogo / Peter Quistgard / Mataklap / Salvador / Plieuw / DC20

Plattegrond is a d.i.y-collective of Amsterdam.With dj’s & producers who present the playfull and rawness of electronic music. Five years ago the Plattegrond people met eachother at their obscurely located parties, throughout Amsterdam. In the meantime, they’ve been working on various projects and contributed to this collective. The artists, live acts, dj’s & vj’s and soundartists create a unique sound that goes from psychodisco, to mental techno, lederhosenrave, gameboy hardcore, noise or emotronic and soundscapes. They create events, make radio shows, freaky mash-ups, noisejams, energetic party performances, design soundtracks for silent movies, and release their own music or remix other artists.

Internet Archive, DFM Radio, Lemon Community, Toztizok, Video Inferno (Cinesonic), Pickup Club, Narrominded, Bomb Diggy, Errorkrew.




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