The No

The No is audio-graphic designer Tamara van der Laarse, who makes music and rarely perfoms live, ony as part of a conceptual project. The No was created during an assignment in design class of the Gerrit Rietveld art academy. What started as a fictional design for a band, one year later became her own project. The No is about creating what is not there, to emphasize a desire, the abscense of elements in electronic music, a concept, a person, a great track of some band. Highlight: performed live with Radio Soulwax 2008 in Paradiso & Melkweg. She loves to create a No remix for something that transfoms into a No mix. Remixed The Moi Non Plus’ “I Lie”, with her weird style of cut & paste beats. Is currently working on a band project.

The No
The No Remixes

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No releases:
The Moi Non Plus Remixed / Subbacultcha!
I Lie – The No remix
No Demo – The No (own distibution)
v/a Nieuwbouw / Plattegrond Records
Requiem For Get Records – The No
Kruimeldief / Machinefabriek Remixed
Kruimeldief – The No remix
v/a Electronic Bible Volume 3 – White Label Music/ITunes
I think you’re pretty – The No
Huisvredebreuk nr1/Plattegrond Records
Radio in my head – The No
Mind the Gap # 60 / Gonzo Circus Magazine
Pleasant Malfunctions – The No

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