19 Oct – (dj) The No – Listen To This – Muziekgebouw Ij

Listen To This, Sinfonia Rotterdam & Gonzo Circus, i.a.w. Amsterdam Dance Event Playground. The 4D sound system is used at the 19th of October, arranged in the entrance hall of the Muziekgebouw, on an area of 12 x 12 m with 48 speakers in 16 columns. The speakers send music from the bottom, top and side. The effect – standing in the room – provides a completely new experience of spatial listening. Daytime demonstrations for curious professionals (14-16 hours) and in the evening, after the iPad concert, musicians of Listen to This play live sets in 4D (22.15-01.00 hours). Among them the globally acclaimed Flemish / Berlin techno producer Peter van Hoesen, Marko Ciciliani and Lauren Thomas, aka Qindek. Also performances by Red Stars over Tokyo, Every Bolt Rumbling, Gonzo Dj’s Martijn Vennekatte & The No.

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