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Flying Fish & Friends at GreenTribe

Flying Fish & Friends at Zaal100


Flying Fish Instrument

This project aims to develop a new electronic musical instrument called 
The Flying Fish`. The instrument makes it possible, without the addition of air 
pressure or acoustic sound, to play electronic music. For the instrument a 
new application is being developed in the field of eurorack modular synthesizers. 
This application is completely analog and is controlled by a trumpet interface 
that allows convenient volume changes, generate overtones, tone changes, 
etcetera, by sending control voltages and gates/triggers. The project is being 
realized by a collaboration 
between experimentalist and musician Frank Schouten, audiovisual 
machine designer Martijn Verhallen, and creative coderJoelle Galloni

Radioshow at Root (Istanbul)

Every last sunday of the month at 21:00 CET / 23:00 GTM +3 you can hear a mix of electronic, noise and weird sounds by dj hakki takki (frank vis) at

BSE HIKIKOMORI special @ Noise Platform

20:00-21:00 Bahk
21:00-21:30 mune schoco
21:30-22:00 sitbq
22:00-22:30 Frank Vis
22:30- BSE (jam session)

Vestas at LUFF Festival

ZS ZS on Root Radio Live


Trash-O-Lade Online 22/23 May