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Zaal 100, Amsterdam

Euro Trash Noise Express – Tour Promo – FCKN'BSTRDS / BSE / PGR / KUTWYV / GODS WIL – 10-22 September 2016 – Poland / Ukraine from V 2 on Vimeo.


SOTU/ASTMA (ru) TOUR – 15/16/17/18 December

sotu tour2222


15 Dec - Radio Patapoe / BSE - Overtoom301 - ASTMA + Halvis 
16 Dec - Occii - Amsterdam - ASTMA (ru) + Giulio Aldinnuci (it) 
17 Dec - Villa Te Koop - Den Haag - ASTMA feat Frank Vis + Bahk + 
Boris Scorpio + Dj Martijn Comes 
18 Dec - Poortgebouw - Rotterdam - ASTMA + BISP + Martijn Comes 
+ Dr. Bibber + Rogier Smal & Lucas Simonis + Boris Scorpio / 
Frank Vis/ Bahk

“Rijmen op een Roes” by Boris Scorpio – Bahk – Frank Vis

new release out now:

Boris Scorpio – Jam video – Dub

Halvis – Double tape release – symphonic noise

Improvisation noise duo Halvis, consisting of H.A. van Hees and Frank Vis, are releasing there first two tapes. To present the releases they will showcase there music in the Occii on 4 December 2014. And from 5 till 15 December they will travel through Japan for a small tour. Halvis is know for there long late night noise jam sessions in there BSE audio experiment studio at Overtoom301 on teusdaynight, during there radio show at Radio Patapoe. The first release is called Fluitconcert, where mouthharmonica and complex feedbacking is used, on there second release, called Zombie Hol, they are joined by Charis (Hellash) and Seerp (studio zombie and projection doctor).
check plattegrond bandcamp for listening or ordering the tapes.


Headwar (FR)
Headwar is noise punk violence from Amiens. For everyone who’s a fan of the French so-called weird punk scene around bands like A.H. Kraken, The Anals, The Normals,… this band brings some genuine brain terrorism.
Javadelle (DE)
experimental electronic junk harsh noise hit the tin post-harsh noise post-industrial Hamburg , touring with Headwar.
VONDELBUNKER (Vondelpark 8, Amsterdam)


New FVVSSD Tape out now on Toztizok Zoundz and Plateground Records.
Featuring: Stephen Doyle and Frank Vis
Vocal and effects with a hint of percussion. Artwork by Maia Matches
Listen – download

Plattetozti Noise Orkestra at SOTU Festival Lithuania

Plattetozti Noise Orkestra / Schelvis en de Pekels / Mylo Cywitz / Onderstroom
2 sept. – Berlin –
3 sept. – Poland –
4 sept. – Vilnius – Sotu Festival
5 sept. – Kaunas – Sotu Festival
6 Sept. – Vilnius – Sotu Festival
7 sept. – Dresden –
8 sept. – Berlin – DIYchurch
13 sept. – Amsterdam – Free Fringe Festival
Mylo Cywitz (Singer/composer):
FVVSSD (Part of the Ewband):
Frank Vis (Vocal/Keyboard):
Stephen Doyle (Drummer):
H.A. van Hees (Feedback):
Hellash (Guitar/Noise):