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RadioLinks Streaming


DFM RTV INT (Cyberpunk/WorldWide/Amsterdam)

Radio Patapoe (Piraat/Amsterdam)

Root Radio is an independent radio based in Istanbul broadcasting from all around the world.

Radio Tonka (NL)
7 dagen per week / 23:00 – 03:00 / fm 92.0 – Den Haag FM

Radio Centraal (AlternativeStation/Antwerpen)

Radio Blackout (IT, One station against the nation)

Tilos Rádió (Budapest)


New New World Radio
Post-genres, post-geography, post-politics

Colabo Radio (DE)

WFMU (Music/US)

Resonance FM (News/Music/UK) (DE)

Radio Panik (BE)

Concertzender (NL)

Red Light Radio (Dj´s/Amsterdam)


Stranded FM (NL)

CHYZ: Quebec, QC, Canada (college radio station for Université Laval)

Beats In Space is a radio program mixed live in New York City every Tuesday night on on WNYU 89.1FM from 10:30pm to 1:00am since 1999. 

NPO Radio 1 (NL)

radio-libertaire (FR,???? Can´t find anymore)

Amsterdam Weekly News

Our weekly radioshows at Radio Patapoe:

BSE ///////LIVE NOISE/FEEDBACK/JAM///////Teusday/s/////23h//Tilll/////

every sunday from 14:00 – 15:00 streaming field recordings of Amsterdam and other lost lands.
Serieuse Shit: (Weekly Amsterdam Streetrapportage)
Het Programma met God´s Wil (Teusdays 23h Live, Noise)
Patapoe casts Occii live events according to the schedule at Occii

Vestas – Unconfucius Wind Express

Jam on Eurorack Modular Synthesizer.

Matto Frank – Canadian Wind

Live on eurorack modular synthesizer at Laval University in Quebec City as part of the event organised by Rase. Matto Frank is also known as Vestas and Frank Vis.

Legions of Speedcore/ DDSL/Vestas/Del_F64.0/Lik de Kikker & more

Wed 02 Okt, Occii

Poortgebouw, Rotterdam

Shoko Nagamachi Poortje Herrie from fcr on Vimeo.

12,13 Juli- Vestas,Del F64.0, Abraham Wurstkessel at Kili, Berlin

22 May- Poortje Herrie #7★Colloid, Alpha Decay,Vestas Trio ★Zad Kokar & Les Combi Beyaz★Duke S.★