Frank Vis / VESTAS

Frank Vis is a noise musician and improviser from Amsterdam. He is making sounds with a modular synthesizer for the last years, focussing on making the system an improvisation machine that is able to make quick tempo, logic, chaotic, space/time and waveshaping changes that make the voltages fluid. In 2020 he finished building a control voltage and gate signal device called Flying Fish together with Martijn Verhallen (Reverse Landfill) to play the modular system as an “trompet”-instrument. Vestas” is his newest soloproject and based around acceleration. He combines strong chaotic analog modulation with granular synthesis for spatial use. As a vocalist and electronic improviser he played with different artists and groups during the last 15 years and started the duo Cybine Combinations with drummer Marcio Gibson recently. As an organiser he initiated the SOTU Festival and related shows running it with friends in de randstad to fuel the noise & underground movement. After some illigal parties in abandont buildings (around 2008) calles Plattegrond he started to release music under the same name. From 2002 till 2008 he organised shows on the name eRRorKREW. Solo: Matto Frank, Hakki Takki, Frank Vis, Vestas. Bands: Cybine Combinations, Pressure Therapy (with Bouk Bouwmeester & Charis Charis Konstantinou), Halvis (with H.A. van Hees), BSE!, FVVSSD (with Stephen Doyle), John Ewband, Plattetozti Noise Orkest, FCKN BSTRDS, Dagora, Opdat/Strukton (with Bouk Bouwmeester).