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Matto Frank – Canadian Wind

Live on eurorack modular synthesizer at Laval University in Quebec City as part of the event organised by Rase. Matto Frank is also known as Vestas and Frank Vis.

Legions of Speedcore/ DDSL/Vestas/Del_F64.0/Lik de Kikker & more

Wed 02 Okt, Occii

Poortgebouw, Rotterdam

Shoko Nagamachi Poortje Herrie from fcr on Vimeo.

12,13 Juli- Vestas,Del F64.0, Abraham Wurstkessel at Kili, Berlin

22 May- Poortje Herrie #7★Colloid, Alpha Decay,Vestas Trio ★Zad Kokar & Les Combi Beyaz★Duke S.★

Plattegrond Soundsystem at

Vestas /// Abraham Wurstkessel /// Del_F64.0 /// Zustand D. + Guests live on Tour 2.3 – 30.4.

Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Basel, Lausanne, Geneve, Munich, Bamberg, we´ll see, prepare for total damage & posttrocorepalyptisch Mathrassialsexparty until we die // This preofacional videoclip does not contain any longboard – Pure avocado users delight temple fahshion week gratuis shit work . Hit us up if you want us to bring some riot beats to your area frank[at]plattegrondx[dot]com


21 December Occii